We always offer an endless supply of

top quality food and water.

There are a large variety of commercial feeds.

Our feed of choice is...

( 0 - 8 weeks )

We start by giving our keets

warm water with vitamins and electrolytes.

We prefer to feed our keets

** If feeding a medicated starter... Make sure it is medicated with

Amprolium to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

NEVER use medicated feed to aid in the cure of Blackhead.**

When they are around 14 days old

we start to offer small pieces of dandelion greens and grasses.

At that time we supply endless chick grit.

As they grow we introduce different fruits, veggies and seeds.

Always introduce new foods slowly.

( 8 - 22 weeks )

At 8 weeks old we start to switch them to

We feed them this till they are around 22 weeks old.

When they are around 16 weeks we start to supply oyster shell.

( 22 weeks - Adult )

We feed

* Always switch the different feeds gradually.*

Along with the feed we always offer

unlimited clean water, grit and oyster shell.

With treats of fruits, veggies, seeds and mealworms.

Raise your own mealworms

* It's easy and cheap to do.*

First go to the pet / bait store.

Buy the freshest mealworms they carry.

Also pick up some baby carrots

and some old fashioned rolled oats.

Take any kind of container that you can poke holes in...

Put it all together... Simple as that.

Keep the carrots fresh.

Your meal worms will have 4 different stages in their life.

So don't pitch them when they look dead or turn into a beetle.

That is just the cycle of things.

Also when you go to clean them and add new rolled oats..

Don't clean them too well or you will destroy all your eggs.

I took a pic of the stages..

For reference... people get them in stage 2 usually.

Treat Mix

This is a mix of:

alfalfa pellets, white millet, & wild bird seed.

Soak the alfalfa pellets in water prior to mixing.

Our birds love it..

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