Here at Sandshaven we work hard

to keep our hatchery clean and free of disease.

We are proud of our flocks and the work that we do.

We strive for excellence.

We maintain healthy birds that hatch adorable keets.

We appreciate your business and enjoy your scheduled visits.

But we do ask that when you are here...

Please follow our farm rules.

*1. Please make/keep a scheduled appointment.

Here at Sandshaven we branch out in many directions.

Appointments insure each customer/client the individual attention and time they deserve.

*2. Please stay on the main driveway in the designated areas.

Someone will be out to greet you.

*3. Please Do Not wear

clothes, shoes/boots or outerwear

that is worn around barns/coops or other flocks.

Please Note:

You may still be asked to

disinfect hands and wear protective clothing

if permitted close contact with the flocks.

* All provided free by the hatchery.*

*4. Please Do Not bring

cages, equipment, or vehicles that have been

around barns/coops or other flocks.

Please santitize properly

and keep cages/equipment in vehicle till instructed.

*5. Please Do Not visit

state parks, duck ponds, farm shows, bird swaps, etc.

before your visit to Sandshaven.

Any place that has wild migrating waterfowl

or flocks of poultry/birds from different locations.

*6. Please Do Not bring

guineas, poultry, animals, pets, etc.

to Sandshaven

Even the keets and guineas purchased here.

Once they have left the property they are no longer bio-secure.

*7. Please keep children supervised.

As a registered CPT I take bio-security seriously.

I want to thank you in advance for your cooperation.

And please be assured that if I ever visit your farm.

I will follow the same rules listed above.

If You Wish to Contact Us

Please Message, Scott & Sharon @ sandshaven.

Have a Great Day!

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