Listed in alphabetical order

* Apple Castle *

Offering their amazing signature Apple Spice Donuts, Homestyle Glazed Donuts and Pumpkin Donuts.

Visit us @ Apple Castle

* Daffin's Candies *

Offering delicious candy bars in these amazing flavors: Crisped Rice, Almond, Milk Chocolate, Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter filled, Caramal filled, & Pretzel.

Visit us @ Daffin's Candies

* Mercer Shimmy Mob *

Creating Change... One shimmy at a time... Against domestic abuse!

Visit us @ Shimmy Mob

* Sandshaven Shoppe *

Offering: Alpaca hats, gloves, scarves, outer wear, fiber, yarn and other unique items.

Visit us @ Sandshaven

* Shimmy Mob Snack Shack *

Offering homemade baked goods and refreshments.

Sorry no website

* Wooded Chapel *

Offering Alpha Course!

Visit us @ Wooded Chapel

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Please Message, Sharon & Scott @ sandshaven.

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