* The Benefits of Signing with your Baby *

Babies who Sign...

* Are Less Frustrated *

* Speak Earlier (Contrary to what many think) *

* Have Higher IQ's (10-12 points higher) *

* Develop Larger Vocabularies *

* Demonstrate a Greater Interest in Books *

* Have Better Imaginations *

* Enhance Self-Esteem *

* Experience a Closer Bond with their Parents and Siblings *

Parents who Sign with their Babies...

* Give their babies a head start on language development *

* Experience decreased frustation *

* Enjoy an earlier interactive experienc with their baby *

* Look forward to the "Not-so-terrible" Two's *

* Can tell what their baby wants or needs *

* Can tell if their baby is sick or hurt *

* Have more Fun with their babies *

Who Else will Benefit

* Grandparents who want to spend real quality time with their grandchildren.

* Older Brothers and Sisters who want to feel connected to the new baby.

* Babysitters and Nannies who want to establish a closer bond with the babies in their care.

* Childcare Providers who would like to add another dimension to their services.

* Teachers who are aware of the growing research that supports the correlation between sign language and improved literacy.

* Speach and Language Professionals who are interested in learning this particular technique.

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