Sorry... We do not have any eggs.

Please contact for more info.

Thank You!

I am sorry...

We will not be hatching the 2021 season due to covid.

Please stop back in the spring of 2022.

Thank you.

Sorry... We do not have any adult guineas for sale.

* Helpful Hint *

When purchasing adult guineas.

Keep them penned up for at least 6 weeks.

Or until you are sure they know their new home.

They should be comfortable with their new surroundings before free ranging.

* 2020 Guinea Fowl Price List *

* Please Note: *

These eggs and birds are not sold for human consumption.

They are taxable unless you are tax exempt.

Watch our Facebook page for money saving coupons.


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If You Wish to Contact Us

Please Message, Sharon & Scott @ sandshaven.

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