Our Venture into Vermiculture...

Began with our alpacas and the abundance of their black gold.

Researching and finally purchasing a crew of 2000 Red Wigglers.

These amazing workers are kept busy composting

at 2 different work sites here at Sandshaven.

Currently we have an alpaca and a guinea fowl site in production.

We are excited to announce:

We have a completed batch of castings.

And are ready to share the benefits of their nutiritious soil.

* Our next batch is currently in production *

Interested in trying a bag of our worm's hard work?

100% Organic

Alpaca Worm Castings enhances beautiful growth of your plants.

Castings provide nutrients perfectly balanced which your plant can easily absorb.

Excellent natural plant food. Promotes vigorous plant growth

Improves aeration of soil. Great for veggies, flowers, fruit and houseplants.

Odorless and non-toxic

Castings are safe - use them for annuals, perennials, seedlings, etc

Asking $5.00 - 1 lb. bag

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If You Wish to Contact Us

Please Message, Sharon & Scott @ sandshaven.

Have a Great Day!

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